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Business Playshops & Events:

Would you like your business to overflow with joy and abundance? Would you like to light a spark in your business that will attract success with ease? Do you need a refreshed, revitalized approach to your business? If so, it’s time to PLAY!

March Playshop:

“Distinctively Different – Discovering Your Profitable Essence”

You’ll never be lost for words again when asked about ‘what makes your business different?’ This Playshop is all about creating awesomeness in your business in distinctive, delectable and desirably different ways. If you are stuck on your niche, short on strategy or silent when asked for your unique selling proposition, this is the Playshop for you!

In just three hours we will:
• Determine your niche (without limiting you!),
• define your distinctive differences (you have at least 10!!),
• discover your profitable essence,
• and distil your unique competencies into business growth!

Mark Twain had some timely words of advice to the lemmings of the world, ‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.’ Come play and we’ll discover everything that’s awesome, different and phenomenal about your business!

Collaborate with other business owners in this Playshop where we’ll work on each other’s businesses using my creative, innovative ‘discover your difference’ formulas that create results beyond your imagination… Tuesday 22 March, 9am – 12.30pm in Brisbane, Playbook and morning tea included. $95 per person for three hours of power! Yes, I promise it will be (as always!) fun and there will be heaps of new tools you’ve never played with before!

Event now complete. New events available soon.

About the Revive Business Coaching Playshops

Enjoy a delicious morning tea while discovering simple ways to make your life and business more blissful. During these 3 hour Playshops, you’ll discover heaps of practical, sustainable strategies that will support you in creating a life full of joy and ease.

If you have ever wanted to generate a more rewarding business or career, these Playshops are designed to be the perfect inspiration! Revive Coaching’s holistic coaching approach offers a proven mix of practical business smarts super-powered by alternative energy practices that are highly effective. And yes, it’s quite possibly the best tax deductible treat you’ll find…how does it get any better than that?

You’ll also enjoy informal networking with a small group other like-minded business owners. This is a perfect opportunity to find out what strategies work for others and create alliances! The Playshops are also designed to allow you to have one on one coaching interaction with an exceptional business coach, without paying premium individual coaching prices!

for the REVIVE Business Coaching ‘Distinctively Different – Profitable Essence’ Playshop

What would it take for your business to go beyond phenomenal?

Did You Miss a Playshop? Playbooks NOW Available!

The Playbooks developed for each Playshop are detailed and easy to follow. Each Playbook is around 40 pages and presents new perspectives on the topic, as well as providing you with the opportunity to change your beliefs and ideas on the topic.

To purchase, please email Revive Coaching stating which Playbooks you desire. Revive Coaching will send you an invoice and payment details. Once payment is received, you will be emailed the Playbook link/s.

Topics available:

Content Marketing Made Simple: (Playbook only $47.00AU)

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of opportunities for promoting your business online? Have you got some great content to share with your target audience but not sure where to get started? Or have you tried a few things and not got the results you were looking for? In 2008 Business to Business marketers spent 30% of their marketing budget on content marketing. Since then so many more opportunities have opened up and many Business to Consumer marketers have entered the game as well…

How do you stand out from the crowd? This Playbook will explore simple strategies that can make the time you spend promoting your business online into an investment with great returns. Here’s just a few of the topics we’ll cover…

• How to develop a content marketing strategy that delivers results.
• How to find your target market online.
• How to create a simple strategy for re-using your content over and over.
• How to find the best destinations for sharing your content and getting seen.
• Shortcuts, tips and tools for getting productive online.

If you would like to make sense of the world of blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, article directories, guest posts…… etc for your business, this Playshop will unravel it all for you! What else is possible?

YOU Inc. Building Your Expert Status (Playbook only $47.00AU)

Have you ever suffered from expert envy? Seen other ‘experts’ in your niche and wondered why they have so much profile when you have so much more knowledge, talent and ability? Would you like to pump up the volume on your profile? Make a bigger splash in the ocean? Make more money from your expertise?

This Playbook is all about leveraging the brand that is YOU Inc. to develop a profile that will lift your business and your business opportunities into the stratosphere. What if you could become the expert that everyone wants to talk to? What if this increased your profile and your profits? Would that be rewarding? We’re going to play with ideas that will allow you to…

* Identify a profitable niche that you can own.
* Uncover the secrets to being buzz-worthy – are you good or great?
* Learn to build buzz using online and offline tools that rock.
* Discover and release what stops you from being a phenomenal expert.
* Streamline your marketing time with strategic checklists for profile building.

While it has never been easier to share more content, more quickly, with more people, it is also easy to feel overwhelmed about where to start. REVIVE Business Coaching is about making your success easy. The real goldmine in this Playbook is the comprehensive checklist of strategies and tactics that can build your expert profile. You’ll discover how to express yourself, engage others and excel in your field without having to make your entire life ‘all about me’!! These streamlined strategies are designed to achieve maximum results in minimum time!

Creating A Remarkable Brand (Playbook only- $47.00AU)

Are you struggling to make your business unique? Holistically explore how to create a culture, brand and business that is memorable and joyful for everyone involved with your business!

• Discover how to be the remarkable leader you’d like to be!
• Develop amazing ideas on what your remarkable brand can be…
• Become aware of the culture you’d like to build and how to get started…
• Add real value to your brand and business and increase your profits…
• Release anything that is stopping you from having a phenomenal brand and a deeply desirable culture.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is – you have the choice to create a culture and a brand that you will be proud of and excited to share with the world…

What if you could create a business that everyone wants to be a part of? What if you could make it highly profitable as well? Would that be rewarding?

Show Me The MONEY, Honey! (Playbook only – $47.00AU)

Do you want more money in your business and your life or are you a bit ‘thingy’ about money? If you are ready for new perspectives on how you attract it, use it, create it and save it in your business then now’s a great time enjoy this Playbook!

Not everyone is motivated by more money, but having plenty sure does make your business flow with ease!! Are you stuck thinking your business is not about the money… and struggling to make it profitable as a result? What if you could have heaps of money and make a huge difference in the world at the same time?

• Would you like to discover how to price your products and services to reflect their true value?
• Would you like to tweak your business model so that you can generate a lot more money?
• Would you like to know how to get more done in your business cost effectively?
• Would you like to attract money with ease and joy rather than pain and struggle?

If this all sounds enticing, and you really want massive change in your financial situation, this Playbook also offers the opportunity to clear out ideas and beliefs about money that no longer work for you! What if making money was fun? What if you could attract money from places you can’t even imagine right now? What if you could have more money than you could ever spend? Would that make your life and business blissful and fun?

If Success Is So Wonderful, Why Am I So Stressed? (Playbook only – $47.00AU)

Whether you have a small business or a career, the crazy pace of what’s expected of us in leading a successful life and building an extraordinary business often leads to overwork and over committing ourselves, soon after followed by overwhelm, stress and burnout! Did you know that many small businesses get very successful very quickly, but it is failure to manage the overwhelm arising from rapid growth that leads to the untimely demise of the business?

What if you could achieve phenomenal results without these miserable symptoms? Would your life and business feel more joyful and rewarding? In this Playbook we explore:
• How to recognize the danger signals that precede stress and burnout.
• How to feel ‘in control’ even when everything is out of control.
• How to identify habits that don’t work for you and transform them with ease.
• How to thrive when you are feeling highly sensitive or over stimulated.
• How to set yourself up to achieve phenomenal results with joy and creativity.

Are you are ready to stop surviving and embrace thriving instead? What would it take for everything in your life to work out even better than you can imagine? If you want to find out, then this Playbook is for you!

How to Identify & Attract Your Ideal Clients (Playbook only – $47.00AU)

Are you looking for easy strategies for creating more fun, more profits, and more clients for your business?

Can you picture your favourite client? Do you have enough of these or are you just happy to attract any client to get sales? Have you ever thought about how much more profitable and rewarding your business would be if you attracted your ideal clients 100% of the time instead?

• Would you like to clearly identify your ideal client and know how to find them?
• Would you like to know how to attract these clients with ease?
• Would you like your business to be joyful and even easier to operate?

This Playshop Workbook will help you to:
• Pinpoint exactly who your ideal client is and why.
• Clarify the most suitable positioning strategy for your lead generation campaigns.
• Create lead generation strategies that enable your ideal client to find you with ease.
• Discover simple but highly effective energy-based tools for attracting your ideal clients.
• Put in place a daily action plan that will allow you to generate your business creatively and joyfully.

If you are ready to stop struggling to do business and start discovering the joy of business then its time to create results from this Playshop Playbook! What would it take for your business to grow even more easily than you can imagine?[/fusion_text][/two_third][one_third last=”yes” spacing=”yes” center_content=”no” hide_on_mobile=”no” background_color=”” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”left top” hover_type=”none” link=”” border_position=”all” border_size=”0px” border_color=”” border_style=”” padding=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”” animation_speed=”0.1″ animation_offset=”” class=”” id=””][fusion_text]


I attended my first masterclass on “How to attract your ideal clients with ease” not knowing much about Revive Coaching or her coaching style and I came away a convert! Her easy going manner and energy creating strategies were fascinating during the seminar and continued to be so a month later when I attended her second masterclass “Show me the Money, Honey”.

I was so impressed I signed up to be a business coaching client and haven’t looked back since. My whole outlook and attitude to the way I run my small business has improved dramatically which in turn affects my whole lifestyle. I can’t thank Revive Coaching enough for putting me on the right path for my future success and I will be attending all her master classes and play shops from now on!
Kerri Rodley, Domestic Downsizing, Brisbane

“Revive Coaching, thank you so much for the information passed on through your recent class ‘How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Ease’.  Wow, I seriously did not expect to come away with so much.  I don’t think anything discussed was not relevant and it was information that I could take away and positively inject into my business.

On top of that the course manual has since been invaluable and I can honestly say that I have referred to it every working day since.  The small group also worked well for me and allowed networking with people who could help my business.”                                                  Narelle Cooper,The Cooper Gallery, Noosaville


“Brisbane Woman organised a fantastic seminar (How to Attract Your Ideal Clients With Ease) with Revive Coaching which I’d encourage anyone to attend!

We’ve all been to lots of marketing seminars and workshops before but this was really different! We had a nice intimate group of 10 women plus Kylie and Revive Coaching which meant we really got to talk with each other and discover each other’s businesses – something that is impossible in large seminars or 40 or more – and we found some real synergies with what we are all working on.

Revive Coaching gave us strategies to position ourselves as experts, relationship-builders, originals and high visibility companies but most interestingly, worked on our “energy blocks” to achieving success. She was fun, articulate, empathetic and full of enthusiasm. The three-hour seminar went past waaaay too fast! Don’t miss the next one.”
Elizabeth Ball, It’s In The Stars, Sydney

“I attended Revive Coaching’s Masterclass on Attracting the Ideal Client recently, and not only was it a lot of fun, but I learned a lot too.  During the days following the class I implemented some of the strategies she taught us and I began to see phenomenal results! In fact, I had new clients literally coming out of nowhere!

Revive Coaching is a great speaker and teacher and has a lot to give and I recommend her Playshops to anyone who wants to improve their business and their life.”
Michelle Green

“Revive Coaching, Loved your workshop. Really appreciated the metaphysical manifestation techniques which I’ve not experienced in other left brained trainings for business development.”
Debra Jarvis, Feng Shui Consultant,, Brisbane[/fusion_text][/one_third][/fullwidth]