Is Tradition Your Fall-Back Position?

Business is unpredictable. You can try to make it predictable (good luck!) or you can ride the waves of possibilities.

What is it that you have been trying diligently to make work, that just isn’t working? Forcing outcomes doesn’t work anymore. Traditional ways of operating a business are the fall-back position that is becoming less and less effective.

If we are on a frontier of new ways of working and doing business, where does the savvy business owner start?

Question everything! A business coaching client recently asked for mentoring in creating her services mix and expressing it in the world. She is different. Brilliant. Fun. Dynamic. Creative.

And yet… she was talking about what she would like to create from a space of resisting the past and refusing to embrace a new future where her difference would shine. It’s the perfect conflictual paradigm to keep going nowhere and I see it too often.

What are the fall-back positions that you are operating from? Are they serving you or are you a blind slave to a reality that is no longer true or relevant?

I asked my client to ask her questions from a different space, where it wasn’t all about her. (It’s never about us… even though we’d love to think so!) Instead of ‘How do I find people who will recognise how different I am?’ I suggested she ask: ‘Who would love to work with me and what could I offer that is easy for me and exactly what they are asking for?’

Turning every dilemma into its opposite is one way to discover new paths. What question are you not asking, that if you did ask it, would create new and different possibilities for your business with far more ease?

Here are a couple of my current favourite questions…

“How can I handle this in a totally different way?”

“What would my business be like if I was willing to create my own reality?”

“What am I not getting about what needs to change here?”

When you ask these questions, you may or may not come up with an immediate answer. Just asking the question allows something different to show up because now, you are seeking a different possibility to just a few minutes ago.

Have you ever noticed how we don’t perceive anything that doesn’t match our beliefs or expectations about business? What if that stops now and you start to ask for the possibilities you have never noticed before!

This is the start of creating a different way of being and doing business. I hope you have fun playing with possibilities… we haven’t scratched the surface yet!

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